The educational purpose of this artistic project is to raise awareness and appreciate the most useful aspects of the astrological world (the differences between the physical and personality traits) through the stories of these original, funny and positive characters in which one can easily identify itself as they are absorbed in a world similar to ours.

All the characters in Zodiakville have an open, tolerant and respectful attitude towards diversity. From the very beginning of the first adventure, they will discover that only unity really brings strength and diversity can become the real "added value" within a group or a community.

Zodiakville presents astrology, the horoscope and the zodiacal signs as an original tool to educate children to integration. It invites them to get in tune with the magic of the universe that surrounds them, it warns them of magicians and sorcerers, it highlights the fact that belonging to a sign may perhaps influence their personality, but it will NEVER affect their destiny, which is mainly determined by experience, culture, consciousness and therefore by the choices and actions of each individual.

Zodiakville is a pleasant city of a parallel world and very much like planet Earth and it is inhabited by the population of the zodiac signs.

In the city’s central district live the Water, Earth, Fire and Air families. The adventures of Zodiakville are based on the lives of these four families. Each character-sign presents the main character traits of its related zodiac sign and conducts its business within the city.

The progress of their lives, extremely quiet and perhaps a bit monotonous, is daily planned and guided by the Oroskoop, an ancient and complex instrument kept in the city’s museum. The instrument controls, determines and foresees the course of each day in Zodiakville through the influence of the constellations and the calculation of the planetary cycles. The inhabitants live by diligently following the predictions and advice dictated by the machine. When this valuable tool gets sabotaged by Mirandolux (an evil magician who aspires to conquer the planet), Zodiakville citizens are deprived of their leader and of the instructions regarding the evolution of their days, so chaos breaks out between them. The inhabitants-signs, whose actions were previously led by the instructions of Oroskoop, have to begin to live without any forecasts, therefore forced to rely on their own free will, making decisions, taking responsibilities and (making) choices. Many of them fail to adapt to the change and, once panicked, close themselves in home and stop doing anything for fear of making mistakes. Life inside the city get blocked and Zodiakville is reduced to a total disorder. At this point magician Mirandolux takes advantage of the situation and offers his soothsayer services to the population in place of the machinery. The majority of the population will then start to follow literally his horoscopes soon becoming unaware servants of this  dictatorship and the aims of the evil enchanter... to be continued

Lorenzo De Pretto presents:

The wonderful world of  ZODIAKVILLE® and the original

characters created by Lorenzo De Pretto’s pencil.

Il fantastico mondo di ZODIAKVILLE® ed i suoi originali personaggi

nati dalla matita di Lorenzo De Pretto.